Vera Butterworth - J H Hirsts

Started work at J H Hirsts in the warehouse before moving into closing room and later moved to Tricketts at Gaghills.

If late doors would be locked for ¼ of an hour and if on piece rate you would lose money.

Everyone wore pinnies to protect your clothes and shoes but changed into clogs after work at home.

Supervisor – Mr Teasdale who was very strict and you dare not be cheeky you just got on with your work.

Her father was a union man and would hammer on the steam pipe to stop the room usually about price for the job and Albert Taylor the unions secretary would support him.

‘needle’ fine, you were allowed 2 needles per day and if you broke them you would be in trouble. Most machinist would have injuries from sewing your finger, the needles would go through your finger but you kept working, ‘it was part of the job’.

After the war she moved to Tricketts and stayed there until it closed. You can see and hear more from Vera in the video section of this web site.

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