'Step by step'!

A nice colour video showing not only the steps involved in making a mans shoe but also a look at the machinery and people working in the industry. Not sure where this was filmed but suspect it is about late 50's. Although this video was not done in the valley it does show the process and steps that would have been used in places like Gaghills / Tricketts when they were producing men's leather soled shoes in the 1940's and 50's. Some of our sound recording also go into detail on some of the techniques and methods used in leather footwear manufacturing. If you notice the Gentleman's Journal watermark...the same periodical that ran a multi-page article on the slipper king in the 1920's. The booklet is in the photo section as Sir H W Trcikett. Running time 22:15. Click on the play triangle on the bottom black bar to play.

'Slipper' for Export.

This film was made in the 1950's. Not sure why they call it slippers for export as the film shows the production of children's T bar sandal. I am sure the operatives were demonstrating their jobs as from what I remember the girls were much faster than that. Interesting to see the machinery and the 'tacks' - no tacks these days! This must be one of the earliest films. Running time 8:33. Click on the triangle on the bottom bar to play. Sadly like most shoe factories the Healey Royd and Finsley Gate sites closed in 2007 with a loss of 150 jobs. Both mills are now demolished.

Valley people - hard working - straight talking!

Over the years there has been many different production techniques used to improve efficiency. This video was filmed in 1994 at Lambert Howarth & Son's Greenbridge works.. Management have brought in outside consultants to work with de-motivated staff to try and team build and improve productivity. It highlights the local dialect, the difficult relationship between staff and management and the will for everyone in the footwear industry to want to keep the industry profitable.


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