The Shoe Story

This video opens with the rhyme about Trickett's slipper's. It continues with an introduction into the birth of the footwear industry from the felt industry and the two pioneers J W Rothwell and S McLerie. Mr James Howarth (who kindly provided access to some of these videos) talks about his great grand parents Lambert and Betsy who married in 1870, ran their drapery business from Rossendale House in Waterfoot and took over Rothwells business in 1886 and then Trickett's in 1970. Running time - 6:15mins

Working in the slipper trade

By the late 1970's management in the factories realised that the next generation would not want to work in dirty and smell factories. Lambert Howarth helped produce a careers video to attract young people into the industry. Narrated by Jonathan Ross this video show the transition into technology with computer aided design and pattern cutting, automatic stichers and cutters. Sadly the footwear imports closed manufacturing down and the next generation never had the chance to see how technology could have revolutionised the industry. Running time - 7:48min


Working at Tricketts

Vera talks about her time at Tricketts, Gaghills Mill. She talks about the strict under-supervisor who kept bring her work back and how she got revenge! They had to buy their own tools to work with and shows a 'bob-harry' a closing hammer that was only called a bob-harry in the Rossendale Valley. She explains the process of back seaming and is very sad emotional when they closed the factory and pulled it down, sad times. Running time - 3:52

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